Monday, July 22, 2013

Quick Update on the ADU: Home Refinance helping fund the ADU, Water Heater Thoughts.

I have been gathering bids. I think I found my plumber.

The one change I would like to make is sharing the current relatively new gas water heater in our main house with the ADU. I see little reason to put an electric one in the limited space. It would be more efficient to share our 50 gallon tank as well. We are only 2 people, and when/if we have a child... it will still be only 3 people in our home that has 1 bathroom.

Still not sure where the closet will be in the ADU.

I have 3 contractors working out bids. I figure who ever gets to me with a solid # and a start date will be my guy.

Our home was appraised. We are getting a (much) lower interest loan though a Credit Union since we had a bad experience with B of A. So happy that all our hard work making our home spiffy paid off. We were under water since we purchased as the market fell in late 2006.  Our home is 20k above what we paid..

Meaning? I can more effectively finance the ADU. It looks like the 4k I needed to get this rolling will be available.  At 2.75% interest rolled into the loan.. there could not be a more affordable means of getting this done!  It will still be a tight budget (12k, plus 4k.. =16k total to build this 227 square foot home, including permits)... but should be doable.   If worst did come to worst, I got approval for 3k on a 7.9% interest credit card. I will leave that for incidentals if they come up in the build. Then I will need to find a renter ASAP when it is built (hopefully within 3 months!) to pay that back since I really have no discretionary income, just enough to pay my bills. Need the rent money to pay back that loan to avoid big interest costs.