Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reality Check: Most Work Will Need To Be Contracted OUT

Reality Check. Remember that whole** I have 6 grand and can't exceed it** thing was discussed? Well.. my friend has awesome intentions, and I think he would help til the bitter end working on everything but the plumbing, windows, and most electrical as discussed.

However, him and I (almost)  *never* have schedules that mesh well.  I'm not handy.

So... I had a reality check. 

Seeing we have worked a total of 3 days, over the course of 2 months and accomplished only a wee bit of work.. I think it is time to consider a professional.  At this rate, this will take us 3 years to do! I could be collecting rent and paying back a relatively small loan to complete it through an indie contractor. 

I had 5 bids. 2 were so out of hand that I did not even bother negotiating with the firms. I am sure they do incredible work, and use the most eco friendly materials, would insulate up the Wazoo, etc... but I don't have the cash opportunity to get the best of the best.  I need clean, thoughtful, rentable, AND affordable enough. 

 1 contractor was not to crazy off the charts, but in order to be sort of within my budget, "I" would have had to deal with all city permitting. I found that a deal breaker because I want the contractor up to snuff with the city. 
Another one was as affordable as the one I think I am going with, but very wishy washy about knowing the permit process, and his bid was incomplete. The one I chose was ready to deal with all the permitting without even a glitch.  His Bid was pretty thorough. He has done it prior, and is prepared to create that relationship. Plus, I just got a good feeling about him. 

Let's get real. It is either going to end up being a 220 sq ft  Micro Studio, or, a 440 sq ft 2 story. Even up to code, just based on the foot print alone... it WILL be efficient.  A 440 sq ft place done up to code will be more energy efficient than the most LEED certified 1600 sq ft home known to man. 

So, I found a contractor that offered a bid based on using conventional pink insulation, carpet ( I am going to ask for the carpet squares over the middle of the road carpet he mentioned in my bid), floating floor flooring in the bath and kitchen, middle of the road cupboards, hollow doors, electric 30 gallon water heater (I heard so so stuff about the on demand electric ones anyway, and I think adding a gas line will be complicated/more expensive), Kadett heating upstairs and downstairs (I may look into Mini Split, if there is -$1200 options, or PACT Hotel Style HP), Low E windows (as apposed to more expensive double or triple pane options, granted, I will look into affordable 2 double pane) etc.  Totally serviceable and livable.  To meet my price point, my friend with limited time and I will paint in/out, might put in the floors, and handle just about all demo needs, removing the garage door, etc.  

I need to ask him about adding an upstairs deck over the front entry/concrete patch. I think it would add so much!

I will need to take out a bit of credit to do this. I figured a standard credit card is likely the best option. I will exhaust 95% of my savings, then take out another up-to 10 grand (if needed) at 7.9% interest.   If I choose a 1 story, we should be able to get it done for cash. 

Upon completion of the 2 story ADU I can get a tenant on a 1 year lease and pay down that credit card with the rent likely in under 2 years.  This will = about $700 interest. Not bad!  A house... for the price of a Mini Cooper or Subaru Forester, and the credit portion is only that of a Hyundai Accent? 

Yes. Please. 
Sounds like my money will work better for me under this scenario than at 1.5% interest in a CD. Right?

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