Friday, December 20, 2013

My Recent Commuting and all around Utility Bike: I am a Wald basket Believer.

It began with fenders, some swept back bars and then discovered it needed a  higher rise to the stem (I added an adjustable quill per lower right pic). Decided to go with some fat Bontrager Hard Case 2.0 Tires.  Found a rear rack on a bike someone trashed. Found the Wald basket in a trash bin as well.

Let me just say that I LOVE my front basket. I can hold bins of food, cake, bungee down all kinds of stuff that sometimes was awkward in my rear panniers. Plus, unlike my panniers (which are VERY handy in their own right, situationally), I can leave without remembering to bring them. I can leave the bike without having to bring my Orlieb bags inside a grocery store.

Steel frame classic Bridgestone MB-3, fat tires, fenders, swooped bars, and a Wald BIG basket? Comfy, Tough, Utilitarian, and FTW!

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