Friday, December 20, 2013

We are having a little BOY

Early Visit. 9.5 weeks
18 Weeks and a BOY!
Went in for a 2nd ultrasound. Baby was sticking tongue out, kicking, waving. 
Much more REAL than expected. 

I was kind of quiet about my desire to have a little boy. I already have 5 chickens, Dot Dog,
 and my Wife... we are covered for Estrogen in this home. 

It is funny, almost "knew". As soon as the Doctor began showing what was happening inside, I just knew "That's a Dude". A minute after my inside thoughts, the doctor let us know "It's a Boy!".

Now we can plan. I can look out for the Toys I grew up with for us to play with (old Tonka trucks and Fisherprice, that's my Living Vicariously Through choices). I am currently looking for bikes for kids, seeking that trailer for getting around town... researching best bike and baby to kid options.

Stoked. Scared. But, Stoked.

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